Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm happy to report we survived Hurricane Sandy! Our power blinked a few times, but that was it. Such a change from last year, where we all felt like we were living in a war zone. Unfortunately, the southern part of CT didn't fare as well, and my heart goes out to them--especially the families who lost loved ones.

We spent most of Monday watching the news coverage, and may we pause to say here that if I had to see one more TV news correspondent standing hip-deep in flood water (after every official, including the President, told people NOT to do that) I was going to scream. My personal favorite was the guy standing at the edge of a drop-off where, if the wind had blown just right, he could have tumbled down into Long Island sound and probably his death.

And, yes, I did do a certain amount of knitting! I'm busily working on yet another garment (with help from my adorable assistant).