Friday, April 1, 2011

Yarn Crisis!

Yarn emergency!

I ran out of yarn making The Granny Stripe afghan and need more! Am willing to either pay or trade. These are the colors/dyelots I'd need:

Patons Decor Yarn:

Barn Red - 205809
New Lilac - 199739
Chocolate Taupe - 214851
Rich New Lilac - 211245 09
New Green - 208447
New Teal - 211242 09
Dark New Green - 205117
New Rose - 199741
Rich Periwinkle - 202338 08

The Rich Periwinkle I'll take in any dyelot, seeing as I can't seem to even find it online anywhere other then eBay - has the color been discontinued?


  1. Calm down... ya gotta tell us what brand, etc.

    Renee :)

  2. LOL...forgot! It's Patons Decor Yarn, in those colors and dyelots. I've searched all over online and still haven't found the Rich Periwinkle in ANY dyelot...