Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helpful Hint #4 – Pack all the essentials you need for each WIP into each bag

In honor of World Wide Knit in Public Day (Saturday, June 11, 2011), I thought it might be good to have a word about take along projects and supplies…

Take the rubber band off the money and invest in all the essentials you need for each WIP and pack them into each separate bag. This may seem like a lot of money and redundancy, but believe me, it’s worth it.

In the past, I found that I was constantly bringing projects out in public, minus some crucial tool. I’d be out somewhere happily knitting a sweater sleeve, when suddenly I’d come across a knot in the skein, which necessitated cutting the yarn. You guessed it – no scissors or any device of any kind with which I could cut wool, and depending on the wool, sometimes you can’t really break it manually. Another time, I was at the allergist’s office. I had come prepared with a baby blanket that I was crocheting for Project Linus. I was all set to wait 30-40 minutes for my allergist to get his act together and get through all 20 people still sitting in the waiting room (I had the distinct feeling that little “Jimmy” in the corner with the wheezing and sniffles was going to take a while), when I opened my bag and made a horrible discovery…

I had brought the WRONG crochet hook!

So, this is why I’m now a great proponent of being prepared with every conceivable tool needed for each project. You don’t need to break the bank – just go out to your local discount or dollar store and stock up. The one thing I don’t skimp on is the row counters. I like to get the little barrel ones that you can either attach to a straight needle or hang off a circular needle. Or if you’re one of the idle rich, get a bunch of those cute little “Knit Kits.” See for details…you can find them at the LYS or on-line.

Happy Knit in Public Day!


  1. My DH bought me the essentials for my bag for my Christmas stocking and it has been so awesome. I will say I took my old hooks for the bag and kept the beautiful matching set he bought me for home. It was the nicest, most thoughtful gift. Now I have all the basics in my "travel" bag and I just need to add the specific yarn and directions.

    Followed you from your Crochetville post.

    I have taken to saving pill bottles to hold all my little accessory items. People give me strange looks as I pull out my bottles that hold my saftey pins (I use them as stitch markers), saftey eyes for my ami's, etc. Then I see them considering the possiblities. It is a great way to recycle and get organized.

  2. This is just excellent advice! Nothing worse than having to romp through umteen project bags to come up with scissors only to find 10 minutes later you need a tape measure and have to do it all again.

    I've made myself a case in where I store all of these essentials - stitch markers, needles I might need in the course of the project, tape measure, scissors, needles, pins, pen. I love it. By now I have three, fully equipped as I'm not a monogamic knitter.

  3. Pfff. Don't say romp if you mean rummage Saskia!