Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Bernat CAL Clue #2...A Sad, Wrinkly Affair...

IMAGE_9D19F5A0-8199-46EB-BFAF-0719E1ADE9ED.JPGSad Picture

After several attempts, I did manage to get gauge--that is, the motif measures 11". I used the K hook to do Rounds 1 through 3, but then reverted to an L hook (8.00 mm) to do the rest of the rounds. It was the ONLY way to get it to 11". As you see, however, I seem to have a slight warping issue. I'm tempted to just see how they look once I block them. I really don't want to do all the motifs over again!!!

The only other thing I can think to do is maybe to pick the motifs apart and redo Round #4, where you do the 5 chains and sc stitches, only use more chains, or do them looser--and then just re-thread the rest of the motif through the chains...

So frustrating!!! Ahhhh!!!

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