Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Bernat CAL Clue #3

Are you a pattern chart person or an instruction person?

I used to think I was more of a written pattern instruction person…I especially find charts confusing when I'm doing knitted cables.  For some oddball reason, I find written instructions (C4F, C4B, T3F, etc.) easier to comprehend. 

I think the opposite is true with crocheting, though.  For the 2012 Waverly for Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along, I've been printing out both the written pattern and the chart.  All I can say is, THANK GOD FOR THE CHART!!!  The past two clues have been extremely confusing, and I think I would have been sunk without the charts.  Clue #3, in particular, is beyond inexplicable, what with needing to chain 7 and then doubling back, and then going forward, chaining 7, doubling back--on and on around in a circle.  When I just read the pattern, I almost broke out into a spontaneous migraine.  When I checked the chart, it all became clear.

Go figure...

Post Script...I found it was easier to do all the motifs up to the part where you break the yarn FIRST.  That way, I got that weird "doubling-back" section out of the way!


  1. Looks great so far ! Like the colors... Happy Birthday !

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one!

    You asked about whether or not we like charts. When I was knitting in the 60's they didn't exist in any books that I saw, but I find that I like charts for knitting that have been around the States for the decades ensuing. lol

    I can read written crochet well but charts are nice for larger things. I'm crocheting a round table cloth and would like to have had at least the center charted. It would have been easier to find my place (this is going on since the 80's) after a long lay-over.

  3. Charts, give me charts, please. But do have written instructions, too, especially for the knitting in case I get stuck somewhere. One supplements and complements the other. And like you, Pam, I have never become truly comfortable (yet) with knitting charts for cables. I can see why they're done the way they are but... scratching head... I have to think it through every time.