Friday, August 1, 2014

Round and Round and…

Yes, the next set of instructions for the sock are simple--just knit and knit and knit, around and around and…




I find, at this point, that it works well to find things to do to occupy my brain while I'm knitting in the round endlessly on my DPNs.  Here are some ideas:


  1. TV
  2. Meetings where it's acceptable to craft while attending (ex. support groups)
  3. Sporting events (many of my yarn peeps with children do this)
  4. Listening to audio books
  5. Listening to podcasts
  6. Waiting for appointments
  7. Waiting for a bus
  8. On the bus (the Size 1 DPNs will probably scare people away…or make them more interested in you)
  9. During your lunch break
  10. During any work break
  11. Concerts (Use common sense on this one.  Casual outdoor concert--yes.  The Philharmonic--probably not.)
  12. Movies (If you are able to knit with Size 1 needles in the dark.  I'd be afraid of jabbing myself or dropping massive quantities of stitches.)


Times when it's probably NOT acceptable to knit:


  1. Sex
  2. Work (unless you have downtime, and even then I'd get permission)
  3. Driving
  4. While exercising (although some people swear you can knit riding an exercise bike)
  5. Eating a meal (As it's just rude.  Also, you run the risk of dumping soup all over your Malabrigo yarn, which should be a felony punishable by life in Federal prison without parole.)


Anyway, getting back to the sock--you'd keep knitting in the round under you have 1 3/4" less than the desired length from heel to toe.  For example, for a 9 1/2" foot, you'd knit until 7 3/4" from the heel.


Happy Knitting!


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