Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting ahead of myself...

…or, I probably should have posted earlier!

I should tell on myself.  I’m actually on Sock #2, but I’m woefully behind in giving instructions to you all, so, without further ado:

The Heel Gusset Section!

On RS, knit across Heel Flap. Using the same needle, pick up and knit the stitches along the left side of the Heel Flap. Tip: use a small crochet hook to pick up the stitches and put them on the needle.


Using another needle, knit across Needles 2 and 3 (30 stitches).


Using another needle, pick up the stitches along the right side of the Heel Flap. Then knit the remaining stitches on Needle 1, up to the marker.


You should end up with:

Needle 1: 9 stitches and the left side picked-up stitches

Needle 2: 30 stitches

Needle 3: the right side picked-up stitches and 9 stitches.



Knit one row around.


Decrease the gusset stitches as follows:

Needle 1: knit to last 3 sts.  K2tog, k1.

Needle 2: knit

Needle 3: k1, ssk, knit to the end of needle.


Keep decreasing the stitches on Needles 1 and 3 as above, until there are:

Needle 1: 15 stitches

Needle 2: 30 stitches

Needle 3: 15 stitches


You should end up with 60 stitches total.


Saturday, July 19, 2014


July 19, 2014

I’ve been having one of those weeks, yarn-wise…

First of all, my stash totals are through the roof.  A friend of mine found yarn in his attic.  Yes, you guessed it—it’s now in a big box in my office.  I still need to go through it and figure out what I’m going to do with it.  It appears to be mainly acrylic, but nice, soft acrylic, so it might be nice for an afghan project I have in mind.  This is in addition to the many other projects I’m working on.

Back to my week of distraction.  I have had an entire week where I keep getting distracted and end up making dumb mistakes with my sock knitting. I’ve been knitting socks for AGES, for heaven’s sake, but this week you’d think I was a rank novice.  First of all, I was watching TV with people the other night and discovered that I’d forgotten to decrease the gusset stitches every other row, like I usually do.  THEN, the other night, we had a new member join the knitting group, and I was so busy chatting with her that I discovered that about an inch down, I’d dropped a stitch.  I picked it back up again, but now the sock is looking sort of odd and tight in that area.  I’m hoping that with a few washings, it will loosen up.  Lastly, I was at my beloved once-a-month knitting group and got distracted…again, I managed to lose track of the decrease rows.

Honestly, what is WRONG with me?  Granted, I’ve had a stressful week trying to work and pack up my belongings to move to a new office building.  DUH…you think that could be it???

In the meantime, I DID promise more steps to the sock process.  We last left off with the heel.  So:


Row 1: (RS) Knit to 2 sts past center marker, k2tog, k1, turn. 
Row 2: (WS) Purl to 2 sts past center marker, p2tog, p1, turn. 
Row 3: (RS) Knit to 3 sts past center marker, k2tog, k1, turn. 
Row 4: (WS) Purl to 3 sts past center marker, p2tog, p1, turn. 
Row 5: (RS) Knit to 4 sts past center marker, k2tog, k1, turn. 
Row 6: (WS) Purl to 4 sts past center marker, p2tog, p1, turn. 
Row 7: (RS) Knit to 5 sts past center marker, k2tog, k1, turn. 
Row 8: (WS) Purl to 5 sts past center marker, p2tog, p1, turn. 
Continue decreasing like this until the last 2 sts at each end of the needle have been knitted or pulled together, ending in a WS row. 18 stitches left on Needle 1. 


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sock Chronicles 2 - Crisis du Jour

I've come to the SAD conclusion that I'm just a knitting crisis junkie. How else can you explain some of the crazy yarn dilemmas I find myself in?

Last night, we went to a wonderful outdoor concert and I, of course, brought my knitting.  Granted, I wasn't going to get a chance to knit, but I tend to tote a knitting bag around with me because - well, I probably need professional help, but let's be creative and say that my nickname should be Linus.  Anyway, we made the mistake of putting an item in my knitting bag that mated disastrously with my sock yarn, the end result being no more heel to my sock, which had been going so well up to that point. 

Now, someone normal would probably have set aside a little time this morning to put the stitches back onto the DPNs before I needed to bring my knitting to a 10:00 a.m. event.  Notice I say NEEDED.  Those of you who are fellow rabid knitters will understand that "wanted" would not have been a suitable substitute in that sentence. I unfortunately left this all to the last minute, when it was going to be quite impossible to fix the sock.  Instead, I rifled through my knitting magazines 15 minutes before I needed to be out the door, and hit upon a lovely cowl.  Do I wear cowls?  No.  Do I know anyone who does?  Of course not; however, with 10 minutes left, I decided this would be a WONDERFUL Christmas present...for someone.  I then ransacked all my yarn stash until I found a hunk of Vanna's Choice yarn (the only yarn I could find on short notice that would work for the pattern), grabbed some #9 needles, and raced out the door. 

This is all sort of a roundabout way to explain why I don't have installment #2 of my basic sock directions done yet.  However, when I finally fix the heel, this is what's next:

Place the next 30 stitches on Needle 1 for the heel flap. 
Distribute the remaining stitches evenly on the two remaining needles (15 on each).
Work the stitches on Needle 1 only (heel flap) as follows:

Row 1: (RS) *sl1, k1, repeat from * across. 
Row 2: (WS) sl 1 stitch, p across.
Repeat rows 1-2 until Heel Flap measures 2 1/2 inches. 
Place st marker at center of the Heel Flap. 

Next week I should have more to show you, plus I'll more than likely have some lame explanation for why I picked yarn for the cowl that's going to necessitate buying MORE yarn for the contrasting colors...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sock it to 'em!

I’ve decided it's high time to resurrect the blog again.  I'm not sure why I even stopped, except that life (and continuous crafting) got in the way.  I can't let that continue, though, as I adore writing just as much as I do knitting and crocheting.

My latest knitting venture is to knit a pair of socks. Yes, I know…I've probably knit more socks than anything else.  However, I've never consistently followed one pattern.  I actually knit socks based on several instructions and patterns I've read, because no one pattern is completely comprehensible to me—especially any instructions for turning the heel.  To this end, I've decided to keep track of exactly what I'm doing over the course of knitting the socks I'm currently working on.

So, without further ado, here is my beginning.

I'm one of those people who likes to knit just plain old socks—no cables, no textured stitches, no nothing except ribbing and stockinette.  I find it's easier to have the sock be a true KIP project.  Also, while some may find this boring, I find there is something comforting about knitting stockinette stitch on DPNs.

Yarn: 2 skeins of Alpaca Feet from A Touch of Twist (70% alpaca, 30% nylon, 215 yards). Dye Lot AF7 which is sort of a maroon color.

Needles:  Size 1 DPNs (2.25 mm), Size 3 DPNs (3.25 mm)

1. Using the #3 DPNs, cast on 60 stitches.
2. Spread the stitches over 3 needles and connect, being careful NOT to twist.
3. K1, P1 for 1 round.
4. Switch to the #1 DPNs.
5. K1, P1 in the round, until you have 2" in length.
6. Then switch to ss and continue until you have 7" from the cast-on row.

In subsequent posts, I will update my progress!