Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Set-In Sleeve In-the-Round Sweater FINALLY DONE!

I'm happy to report that the sweater is FINALLY done! As Dudley DoRight would say, "It was an ugly business, but clean living prevailed!"

I'm not entirely happy with how the tops of the shoulders came out, as they looked a bit poofy when I tried on the sweater. Yes, I did put on a WOOL sweater in JULY, and yes, I do need to have my head examined...thank goodness for air conditioning. I'm hoping a few washes will eliminate the poofiness issue. Part of the problem might be that I chose to start doing the "every row" sleeve decreases when 1/2 the stitches were gone, counting from the # of sleeve stitches I had after I'd joined the sleeves to the body. Next time, I'm going to go with decreasing them when 1/2 the sleeve stitches are gone, but counting from the very beginning, before attaching the sleeves.

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