Monday, August 16, 2010

The Yarn Sirens Beckon...

The Yarn Sirens Beckon…

…or is it the voices in my head???

Once again, I'm sitting at work, happily sipping my morning tea, going through the morning's emails, and generally trying to relax before the onslaught of endless meetings that seems to pass as my workday lately.

All of a sudden, I begin to hear them…

"The yarn store…the yarn store…the yarn store…"

I try to ignore them, as I scroll through all the 100 emails people have decided I just HAD to see.

"The yarn…the yarn…you must go buy the yarn…"

I try to reason with the Sirens. I explain that my project won't run out of yarn until at least a week from now, if that. There is NO NEED to go to the yarn store before then.

"The color might not be there…you must go…now…now…NOW!"

I remind them that probably no one is going to have a sudden, urgent need for bright yellow-orange Plymouth Encore between now and next week.

"It may be gone…the dye lot may be GONE…you must go…now…"

I sigh, realizing they have a point. Granted, it wouldn't be the end of the world if the dye lot for the edge differed from the body of the blanket, but you never know.

"You never know…you never know…"

I have these conversations frequently with the Yarn Sirens. It all began years ago, when I was knitting a sweater for a dear friend and was running out of yarn. It was Patons Classic Wool in Palais, a colorway that was fairly new back then, so you couldn't find it anywhere in our area except for AC Moore, 40 minutes from here. That day at work, the Yarn Sirens made their debut. They implored me to "go to AC Moore…go to AC Moore…"

On a whim, I picked up the phone and called AC Moore to find out if they even had Palais. The good news is that they did. The bad news is that they couldn't hold it for me until I could get there at 4:30. I considered just taking a chance and waiting, but the Sirens nixed the idea.

"You must go now…now…NOW!"

I asked the woman on the phone if she could at least hold the yarn until Noon, and she agreed. The Fates (or the Yarn Sirens, perhaps) were on my side, as everyone was either out of work that day or at endless meetings. I raced out of there, hauled a** down the highway, and got to AC Moore just before Noon. True to her word, the nice woman had held the yarn for me.
To make this an even sweeter deal, IT WAS THE SAME DYE LOT!

This is why I always do what the Yarn Sirens tell me…and which is why I got my butt out the door to go get that yellow-orange yarn. ("You never know…you never know…")
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  1. I didn't realize it could be the same color with a shade off and when done, if you looked closely you would see the difference..hmmmmm