Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yarn Identity Crisis

Once again, the yarn is speaking to me...this happens often, usually when skeins of yarn have been sitting in my stash entirely too long. They get restless and demand satisfaction. Before you call the happy hatch, yes, I am aware that I probably need professional help...

Getting back to the clamoring yarn in question...This particular yarn has been sitting in a plastic bag in our spare room, waiting to be worked. It started out life last Christmas as a Herrschners kit, specifically the Bright Squares Blanket from the Patons Home Front booklet. However, I’ve been dawdling for months on this project, due to it not being exactly what I had in mind when I put it on my wish list last year. Specifically, it is really sort of a knockoff of the Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick. I don’t know...there’s nothing wrong with the Babette Blanket, but somehow the yarn just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with its predetermined fate. Also, I feel funny about crocheting a knockoff, and I’m really surprised Kathy Merrick hasn’t sued Patons by now.

So, for months, the yarn has sat in the spare room, playing with all the possibilities. It has thought of perhaps a knitted afghan instead, but dismissed this, on the basis that I’ve done too many knitted things lately – it’s time to employ the sister craft crochet. It has pondered a hexagon granny afghan, but I really hate sewing hexagon shapes together (actually, I can’t stand sewing, period, but that’s another story). It has considered a striped crocheted sweater; but really, I’ve done more than my share of sweaters.

Lately, the yarn has hit upon another possibility – namely the Granny Stripe afghan, by Lucy of Attic24 (here is the pattern on her blog: It strikes a nice balance – an interesting pattern that is easy to do. It could probably work as a great take-along project (until, like any afghan, it starts taking up its own zip code).

The sick, pathetic thing is that I’m actually feeling GUILTY about even THINKING of using the yarn for something other than its original purpose. I’m not sure what my problem is. I think I’m afraid that the minute I start a different project other than the Bright Squares Blanket the Herrschners police are going to break down the door and haul me off. I’m also afraid that I’m going to be kept out of Yarn Heaven for transgressions against the expressed order of things, and instead be relegated to Yarn Hell, where you can see the yarn, smell the yarn, but can’t touch the yarn...NOOOOO!

I know, shut up and crochet already...


  1. I'm with you ... shut up and crochet already... :D:D:D

  2. How about a crocheted granny ripple. You can get the pattern in Ravelry.

  3. I know...I know! I've decided to start the Granny Stripe Afghan officially on National Crochet in Public day, which will be September 12.

  4. My worst nightmare....Yarn Hell!!! Good luck