Monday, July 2, 2012

Plagued by “Finishitis”

I’m having a crisis. In terms of crises on a worldwide level, it’s a minor blip on the radar of the cosmos. In fact, it probably doesn’t register anywhere…It’s annoying to me, nevertheless.

I seem to have entirely too many things that are not finished. I have a crocheted granny afghan and pillow set that’s not done yet. Why? I’m putting off having to sew the pieces for the pillows together. One pillow is a bolster pillow, and I’ve never attempted to make something like this before. It’s a round, sausage-like configuration where the pieces may or may not join together correctly, reaching all the way around the pillow. I haven’t even finished the round end pieces yet (Okay, I haven’t even BEGUN them yet).

I also have a repair job that I’m supposed to be doing for a coworker. All she needs is for me to sew a pair of elbow pads onto her favorite sweater and firm up the armpits. She even provided me with the yarn. Have I done this yet? Noooooo…my coworker has kindly said she doesn’t need this done until next autumn, which makes it even worse, as I have even MORE of a reason to procrastinate.

If you’ve read enough of my blog, you’ll see that the common denominator here is…sewing. As much as I’d love to wave a magic wand and have everything I need sewn together DONE…such is not meant to be. I know I need to just bite the bullet. If nothing else, all the items I’m putting off are taking up entirely too much space in the bedroom, making it all but impossible to fit in MORE YARN.

A person has to have priorities…

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  1. I dislike sewing, but sometimes I have to force myself into doing it. I was working on a doll outfit and finished most of the pieces. I stopped working one night because I reached the sewing stage and forced myself to crochet nothing more the next day until I sewed the required items.

    That being said I have plenty of UFO's. Sometimes I come back and finish them with renewed interest. Other times I realize it wasn't a project I really wanted.