Monday, August 20, 2012


So, I'm FINALLY getting around to blogging again.

I haven't been blogging for two reasons:

a) I've been working on a stealth knitting project that I couldn't publicly write about, so as a result, I got sort of blocked when it came to writing about anything else.

b) I’ve been putting off finishing the pillows for my Granny Square Afghan and Pillows project, which I’ve been feeling massively guilty about; so again, I wasn’t inspired to write anything else.

Lame excuses, I know!

I finished my stealth project (I still can’t write about it or post pictures), which is a relief. I’m also plugging along now with the Granny Square pillows. I was stuck on the bolster pillow—I couldn’t get the correct size, but decided the only possible way out of my predicament with the pattern was to just change it up a bit and add another column of granny squares. So far, it’s looking good! I’m hoping to be done soon and post some pictures. Actually, this project is sort of stealth, too, as this set is going to a friend for Christmas.

It’s amazing how we tend to put things off that we think are going to be a chore, horrible, or just plain impossible; and then they turn out to be nothing at all! Here I was letting a little mismatched bolster pillow jettison my blogging schedule.


  1. Not a lame excuse..It happens to me for many reasons so I just wait till something happens and it usually does...

  2. I do that too. Not with the blogging, which I've finally gotten a VERY regimented shedule that works for me, but with putting off my knitting chores. Like turning a heel or those button bands, it always feels like it's going to be SO HARD. I generally wait a week, pop in a movie, preferable having something to do with Jane Austen, make some tea and bite the bullet. It's never as bad as I think it will be.

    And also remember, knitting at it's worst is still better than a lot of things.