Friday, September 14, 2012

Yarn, yarn, every where...

...Nor any scrap to knit!

I am once again up to my needles and hooks in WIPs and UFOs, but I'm facing a crisis.

I'm contemplating ANOTHER Christmas project, because, of course, you can never have too much chaos in your life. I'm already working on a sweater for me, myself, and I to wear for the holidays. I also have a shawl on the needles for a friend. I've finished two crocheted afghans. I recently started a granny stitch shawl for another friend. Now...I've taken it into my head that I just HAVE to knit a hoodie for another gift.

Non-crafters probably are scratching their heads, wondering if perhaps something like this would be best procured at the local Wal-Mart. That certainly would make sense to a normal person, but normal? Knitters and crocheters? That ship sailed a while ago. My first thought was to make a multi-colored jacket -- perhaps an Adult EZ "Surprise Jacket," only with a hood, but my head hurts just contemplating this. I don't have that kind of time. Instead, my thought is to use the Bernat "Chunky Jacket With Options" pattern. This has the advantage of being a) free, and b) knit with chunky yarn, which hopefully will translate into "quick."

Now comes the issue. I have the most obscene amount of stash. I have bins under beds with yarn. I have yarn in bags and plastic containers all over the house. I have yarn at WORK and in my car, for heaven's sake. Now, ask me if I have a sufficient amount of CHUNKY yarn to create a hoodie...of course I don't.

This will necessitate another trip to the LYS...

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