Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Bernat Mystery KAL/CAL...caving...caving...

Yes, I confess I'm being led astray from my New Year's resolution to buy NO yarn, unless it's for charity.

I just saw the pictures of the beautiful Waverly Bernat yarn on the site for the Bernat Mystery KAL/KAL. I've heard the chatter on all the forums. I'm being positively SWEPT UP by all the excitement!

Must be strong...must be strong...

Of course, if I DO decide to take the plunge, I can't decide if I want to do the KAL or CAL. Knit or Crochet? Knit or Crochet? Knitting an afghan is usually a massively tedious process, but the crochet version could be one of those weird, holey crochet afghans that make no practical sense.

I have a few more days to decide and take advantage of the Bernat discount. If you want to be wild and crazy, this is the link:

I, for one, am leaning toward the "Simplicity" colors...

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  1. The Waverly yarn is so pretty. I also had not planned to buy any yard or start any projects until I finished 2 other projects I had but I couldn't pass this one up. I've been wanting to use this yarn for a while so this is a good reason. Plus I think the CAL will be fun.

    You can keep with your resolution if you make the afghan and donate it to a charity.

  2. After reading your pledge I have only bought for specific projects that I couldn't find a substitute. I've made it through two swaps only having to buy a certain color cotton that I couldn't substitute another color for and have the project make any practical sense. I really am enjoying working from the stash.

  3. I had the same issue. I had finally decided to only do the CAL as I am better at crocheting. Unfortunately today when they sent me their free shipping offer I just had to take advantage of that and now I have ordered the yarn for the KAL as well...

    I agree with Disneypal, you can always make them and then donate them to charity. I often do that. I have ADHD so just have to keep my hands busy, but with 2 super fluffy dogs blankets don't last in my house, so I donate them to Blankets for Canada.