Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Swifting Around!

Show of many of you just LOVE to use a swift and ball winder?

I know I do!

When I first started knitting and crocheting, I mainly used yarn that already came in pull-skeins, a la Red Heart. As I further explored my yarn options, I came upon yarn at the LYS that one needed to wind into balls. At first, I used the back of a chair. This took ages, depending on the yardage and the yarn thickness. The only one who enjoyed this method was our kitty Franklin, who would leap up into the chair and try to play with the yarn as I was winding it. This is his modus operandi for many human activities...

Later, I began to use the swift and ball winder at our LYS. I got a quick lesson from the owner. I used other people's swifts. I thought of buying one, but figured it was too much money for something I didn't think I really needed. After all, I could always borrow someone else's...

Then, one year, I got a swift and ball winder for Christmas! I was touched by my partner's generosity, but again, didn't really see where I'd use them much. A funny thing happened, though. Now that I had my own swift and ball winder, I was free to buy WHATEVER YARN I WANTED, without having to worry about whether or not I could get it wound. A whole new world opened up to me!

Below is my latest "whirlwind" purchase...Misti Alpaca, to be used for the Knitting Pure & Simple Bulky Neckdown Pullover for Women...

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  1. I love having a swift and ball winder. Years ago I had a ball winder and loved it. I probably still have it in a box somewhere. But I got a swift for a gift and it's great! I always wound my yarn into balls. I just wish I had a place to leave it out all the time!